Why It’s A Corporate Priority – And How To Overcome The Challenges Of Making Mobile Payments Mainstream

The term mobile wallet is currently being used to describe any application developed for a mobile computing device, such as a smart phone or tablet, which allows its user to conduct, organize or enhance financial transactions. Because mobile wallets are an emerging technology, this definition is constantly evolving as new applications are conceived.

The convergence of several market forces is driving the current development of mobile wallets. The ubiquity and affordability of mobile computing devices is an essential part of the mix.

Consumers with sufficient technical know how, especially those who are young and affluent, identify with the idea that mobile wallets will facilitate their ability not only to make payments, but also to make the best purchase and payment decisions based on their interests, loyalty benefits and financial situation. These consumers are at the forefront of the mobile wallet trend.

Here is what you will learn in this white paper:

  • What is a mobile wallet?
  • Why mobile wallets are a corporate priority?
  • Quick guide to today’s key mobile wallet players
  • Three common challenges afflicting mobile wallets and how to overcome them

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