market research

Understanding Your Target Market

Whether you are new to the industry entirely, or want to develop a new payment program for an unfamiliar market, companies seeking answers turn to E&S Consulting. Our payments expertise and extensive industry contacts enable us to provide accurate and up-to-date market research that is highly customized and focused.

Presentation Formats

  • Detailed written reports
  • High-level PowerPoint presentations for executive management
  • Present our findings in person, on a conference call or via a WebEx session
  • Include an interactive Q&A segment at the end of our presentation to provide additional clarity
  • Offer face-to-face market research forums where a panel of your company’s representatives can ask questions

Understand Your Market Position

E&S Consulting provides competitive analysis services to companies that typically want to identify, understand and overcome a weakness or shortcoming in their pay card program in a particular geographic market.

Getting You Started

The data points that emerge from this research enable us to identify what your company is doing right and what could be done differently to improve your competitive advantage. Here are a few ways we help you gain a better understanding of your market position:

  • Frame questions about the competition that best target your areas of interest
  • Identify the companies that should be included in the analysis
  • Employ proprietary information-gathering methods that uncover what your competition is really offering in its proposals so you gain an accurate picture of what each competitor is doing in a local market
  • Present competitive analysis during a conference call, and review data points that contrast your company¬†to your competitors
  • Conduct a follow-up call for specific questions