Partner Selection

Selecting The Right Partner

Companies looking for the optimal bank or processor for their prepaid card program know E&S Consulting offers the most comprehensive and objective partner selection services available. One of the most important qualities of our partner selection service is that we are completely independent and objective. We do not receive any form of compensation or consideration from any of the banks or processors we evaluate or recommend.

In-depth Evaluation Of Your Prepaid Program
  • Invest time to understand important details about distribution, pricing, forecasts and processes
  • Work to clarify your program’s start-up requirements, as well as what your needs will be in 3-5 years
  • Identify a number of potential partners that can offer the best fit for your short-term and long-term needs
Customized Recommendations
  • Customize how your program is presented to each of the potential partners selected in order to maximize the possibility that your program will be accepted by the best partner
  • Facilitate confidential information sharing sessions between our clients and their potential partners to further evaluate which partners offer the optimal fit
Final Selection
  • Request cost information from potential banks and processors that can best meet your needs
  • Convert the cost information provided by the banks and processors into a complete picture of the per-card costs for your program
  • Ensure that you can easily understand and compare bank and processing costs, so you can confidently select the optimal partner

Contract Review

E&S Consulting is often asked to review the partner contract, not as a legal advisor, but to clarify specific card-based terms that lawyers outside the payments industry may not understand. We are happy to help our partner selection clients identify anything in a contract that is unusual or troubling.