Program Managers

Setting up and rolling out a prepaid program has recently gotten more complicated. The basics are the same. But given the current regulatory climate and the CFPB, card program managers and issuers must implement tight Anti-money laundering controls from the time of initial implementation.

Our program management experts have helped launch dozens of prepaid card programs in many of the diverse card vertical markets including GPR, gift cards, payroll cards and virtual cards on mobile devices. We stay current in banking and regulatory requirements. E&S is ready and prepared to get your program to market quickly including:


  • Ensuring that every aspect of your implementation is well thought out.
  • Developing relevant and proper policies and procedures are in place.
  • Recommending staff structure and compliance staffing analysis.
  • Providing training and education on current market and AML/ regulatory climate.
  • Assess potential third party vendor risk including processors.
  • Work directly with processors, issuers, and other third parties to set up your programs.


Implementation and Training

E&S Consulting will work hand-in hand with your staff to implement your prepaid program. Our consultants can provide training, where required, to ensure the transition is smooth and complete.

Our goal is always to position your people for ongoing success.